Ugly Duckling


Ugly duckling? Well maybe not so ugly… I’d like you all to familiarise yourself with James’ frame banging Volkswagen Polo!

more grass in the way

duckbeak fitment

James originally owned this car well over a year ago when he swapped his Lupo for it, however sold it on after 6 months. Staying with the Polo scene, he ended up buying the same car back 2 months ago in a sorry state. The engine was blown, paint ruined and half the parts missing all in the short time that it was away from him.

pretty sky


Since having to trailer the car home, James then managed to swap the engine with the addition of some bike carbs, dropped it on it’s nads, rolled the arches and sat it on some genuine hot naked women diamond racing wheels speced out at 8j et15 wrapped in 165/45 nankangs with a hefty dose of camber.

carbs and quacks

“The bike carbs wiring I never had a problem with, until the fuel pump feed wire decided to disconnected itself off the relay 115 miles in to our 125 mile trip to players, but the carbs have been so hard to learn and set up.”

engine bay mofo

fast car motherfuckaaa

James celeb gossip ripped all the interior out bar the dash and steering wheel, then made up a set of runners to fit his bucket seats. He then roller painted the outside grey shortly after the engine swap was completed but 10 days before players classic changed his mind and painted it yellow with emulsion which obviously didn’t survive the heavy downpour on the day. Thankfully, he’s learnt his lesson and has repainted it in the gloss yellow you see now.

side on

“One that needs addressing again is milf porn rear bump stops need to be harder, arch to rim bashing is the single worst noise a car can make haha.”

We asked James what made him choose steels over alloy and he told us that he’d always had a soft spot for them, this was his 5th set since he started modding cars and he even has a set of bandeds on his daily!

quack approved

James also let us know that although he has lots of potential mods on propecia online the table, the main thing he wants to get sorted is some proper paint instead of the latest trend with 6n’s being rollered.

is that show paint reflection haha

“Just go out and do what you love with cars, f*ck all this scene sh*t of ‘my cars the shinest, lowest, best leather interior, cost the most to build’ blah blah blah. Do what you like and build the car for you, no matter what your budget is. As that’s the way I believe it should be, car scene nowadays is too serious and full of hate, at the end of the day we are all car enthusiasts are we not?”


front fitment

James would also like to thank all of his friends, as this was a 100% driveway build. “Nick Rayner for being another top polo bellend coming down and helping me, Charlie for helping with all my random welding requests and Hazel for selling me the wheels. Other than the engine, good part of the car and everyone else who knows they played a part in building this sh*tbox.”


broken upright


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